Curriculum Vitae

Last Update: 2017/11/16


Engineer’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, E.T.S. Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, November 2016, Barcelona, Spain.


Catalan: Native Speaker
Spanish: Native Speaker
English: Excellent Command (C1)

Certificate in Advanced English, University of Cambridge, June 2005

French: Basic Comunication
Italian: Basic Comunication
Japanese: Basic Comunication


Programing Languages: C++, C#, Python, Php
Databases: SQL
Web Design: HTML 5, CSS 3, WordPress
Technical Software: Matlab, Minitab, ANSYS, Solidworks, OrCAD Capture CIS, Arena
Creative Software: Adobe Suite including Photoshp and Audition
Machine Learning Libraries: ScyKit-Learn, TensorFlow, Keras

Professional Development

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Self-Driving Cars Nanodegree, Udacity, November 2016 – March 2018.
Robotics, edx (University of Columbia), July 2017. [Link]
Artificial Intelligence, edx (University of Columbia), April 2017. [Link]
Machine Learning Nanodegree, Udacity, January 2016 – August 2016.
Machine Learning, Coursera (Stanford University), May 2014. [Link]

Computer Science

Data Structures and Algorithms, Coursera (University of California, San Diego), Ongoing.

  • Algorithmic Toolbox [Link]
  • Data Structures [Link]
  • Algorithms on Graphs [Link]
  • Algorithms on Strings [Link]
  • Advanced Algorithms and Complexity
  • Genome Assembly Programming Challenge

Game Design and Development Specialization, Coursera (Michigan State University), September 2016. [Link]

  • Introduction to Game Development [Link]
  • Principles of Game Design [Link]
  • Business of Games and Entrepreneurship [Link]
  • Game Development for Modern Platforms [Link]

Economy & Management

Introduction to Corporate Finance, Coursera (University of Pennsylvania), November 2015. [Link]
Introduction to Operations Management, Coursera (University of Pennsylvania), May 2015. [Link]
Introduction to Marketing, Coursera (University of Pennsylvania), May 2015. [Link]
Principles of Economics for Scientists, Coursera (California Institute of Technology), September 2013. [Link]
Game Theory, Coursera (Stanford University and University of British Columbia), March 2013. [Link]


Gamification, Coursera (University of Pennsylvania), December 2012. [Link]

Professional Experience


July 2012 – July 2013: Teacher, Centre d’Estudis Universitaris Superiors, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Teach reinforcement lessons on Signal Theory to college students


December 2016 – February 2016: Editor, Xataca Esports, Weblogs SL, Spain.

  • Report on news about esports

December 2016 – February 2016: Staff Writer, ePick Entertainment SL, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Create esports-related content for the website
  • Utilize acquired expertise in the industry to help in communications and PR

Non-professional Experience


April 2012 – September 2017: Senior Editor,

  • Write articles and reviews about videogames
  • Event coverage including:
    • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2012-2016, Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Tokyo Game Show 2013-2014, Tokyo, Japan
    • League of Legends World Championship Series 2015, Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium
    • Indiecade Europe 2016, Paris, France
    • Barcelona Games World 2016, Barcelona, Spain
    • League of Legends All-Star 2016, Barcelona, Spain

January 2013 – September 2016: Writer,

  • Write in-depth articles about videogames

December 2010 – August 2015: Founder,

  • Web design and management
  • Write articles and reviews about videogames

September 2009 – December 2011: Co-Founder, (Extinct)

  • Web administration and maintenance
  • Write articles and reviews about videogames
  • Podcast production and edition


April 2005: Silver Medal at XVI Spanish Physics Olympiad, Almeria, Spain.


Olivan, Alberto et al. Deus Ex Machina: Cuaderno de Máquinas y Juegos. Edited by Ars Games, Madrid, Sello Ars Games, 2016.

  • Compendium of articles published on Deus Ex Machina website ( by various authors