TD - No Circles in a Square World v2

By Jordi Tudela

Date: April 6, 2016


To do


Tower defense felt as an interesting change of landscape from the past prototypes. irst of all, it allowed me to explore a more mouse-based type of control and it allowed me to play with all these dynamic geometrics behaviours (movement and rotations).

Talking about movement, I wanted to try implementing a kind of pathfinder to the enemy behaviour (A* of something of the kind) but to simplify the fist prototype, I opted for a checkpoint based path system (it is pretty obvious based on the enemy movement) and ultimately, it felt good enough. Implementing a dynamic pathfinder is something I still have in the back of my head and I'd love to explore it in future prototypes.

The price of each upgrade it is calculated based on a formula. Basically, there is an internall value for an aproximation on the DPS of the turret and it values each upgrade based on that.

First attempt on balancing. It still feels a bit easy but even though I could keep working on that (and I might) but, at that moment, I really wanted to move forward to the next project to keep exploring and learning.

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