Notebook Invaders

By Jordi Tudela



To resume my learning process, I took on a suggestion of an acquaintance of mine who told me to try to recreate some older / classical games.

Watching a Super Hot video, I was thinking about what an interesting mechanic it is to link time to movement and then I though about Space Invaders and how combining both concepts could be an engaging and interesting challenge.

The "notebook theme" proved to be an easy solution to the art of the game, provided I am not really a skilled artist.

On the issues department, I am still unconvinced on the control. In my opinion, it feels a bit unresponsive and there seems to be some kind of a input-lag. Definitely something to improve on later projects.

The sound effects have also been rushed a bit but I didn't want to neither have this prototype sitting in my machine waiting for me to have the time to spend on searching for proper sound effects, nor upload it without any sound. Therefore, I took some public domain sounds, changed the pitch and applied some minor effects to look the part.

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